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AutoCheckAllTextComponentsUnder Method (textComponentsUnder)
Keyoti RapidSpell Desktop .NET
When set, will check all text boxes under this control. NOTE this overrides the TextComponent(s) property. This method should be called once the form has loaded, otherwise the child controls in textComponentsUnder may not have been set.
Declaration Syntax
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public void AutoCheckAllTextComponentsUnder(
	Control textComponentsUnder
Public Sub AutoCheckAllTextComponentsUnder ( 
	textComponentsUnder As Control
void AutoCheckAllTextComponentsUnder(
	Control^ textComponentsUnder
member AutoCheckAllTextComponentsUnder : 
        textComponentsUnder : Control -> unit 
textComponentsUnder (Control)

Assembly: Keyoti.RapidSpell.NET2 (Module: Keyoti.RapidSpell.NET2.dll) Version: