Keyoti RapidSpell Silverlight API Docs
SetQuery Method (beforeSentence, word, afterSentence)
APIKeyoti.RapidSpell.DialogViewsIDialogViewSetQuery(String, String, String)
Keyoti RapidSpell Silverlight
Specifies the spelling query
Declaration Syntax
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void SetQuery(
	string beforeSentence,
	string word,
	string afterSentence
Sub SetQuery ( 
	beforeSentence As String,
	word As String,
	afterSentence As String
void SetQuery(
	String^ beforeSentence, 
	String^ word, 
	String^ afterSentence
abstract SetQuery : 
        beforeSentence : string * 
        word : string * 
        afterSentence : string -> unit 
beforeSentence (String)
The context sentence before the error
word (String)
The actual error
afterSentence (String)
The context sentence after the error

Assembly: Keyoti3.RapidSpell.Silverlight (Module: Keyoti3.RapidSpell.Silverlight.dll) Version: (