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IDialogViewEventHandler Interface
Keyoti RapidSpell WPF
Describes a class which can handle events from an IDialogView.
Declaration Syntax
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public interface IDialogViewEventHandler
Public Interface IDialogViewEventHandler
public interface class IDialogViewEventHandler
type IDialogViewEventHandler =  interface end
All MembersMethods

DialogView_AddButtonClick(Object, EventArgs)
The add button was clicked

DialogView_CancelButtonClick(Object, EventArgs)
The cancel button was clicked

DialogView_ChangeAllButtonClick(Object, EventArgs)
The change-all button was clicked

DialogView_ChangeButtonClick(Object, EventArgs)
The change button was clicked

DialogView_Closing(Object, CancelEventArgs)
The view is closing

DialogView_IgnoreAllButtonClick(Object, EventArgs)
The ignore all button was clicked

DialogView_IgnoreButtonClick(Object, EventArgs)
The ignore button was clicked

DialogView_Load(Object, EventArgs)
The view has loaded

DialogView_OptionsButtonClick(Object, EventArgs)
The options button was clicked

DialogView_QueryTextBoxEnter(Object, EventArgs)
Query textbox has been entered

DialogView_QueryTextBoxTextChanged(Object, EventArgs)
The text in the query textbox changed

DialogView_SuggestionsListDoubleClick(Object, EventArgs)
The user double clicked on a suggested item. Not mandatory to implement.

DialogView_UndoButtonClick(Object, EventArgs)
The undo button was clicked

DialogView_UserNeedsSuggestionsChanged(Object, EventArgs)
User has checked the "Find Suggestions" checkbox (if it exists).

Call these methods when events occur in the IDialogView GUI, or hook them up as handlers directly.

Assembly: Keyoti3.RapidSpell.WPF (Module: Keyoti3.RapidSpell.WPF.dll) Version: