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ShareDictionary Property
Keyoti RapidSpell WPF
Whether to share the dictionary in memory accross all instances of RapidSpellChecker (false by default).
Declaration Syntax
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public bool ShareDictionary { get; set; }
Public Property ShareDictionary As Boolean
property bool ShareDictionary {
	bool get ();
	void set (bool value);
member ShareDictionary : bool with get, set
Property Value
Setting this to true will lower memory usage if multipe instances of RapidSpellChecker are in use at once, but will mean that only one dictionary may be used at one time. This does not affect user dictionaries.

Note that all instances with this set to true should use the same dictionary. This property must be set before any spell checking begins.

Assembly: Keyoti3.RapidSpell.WPF (Module: Keyoti3.RapidSpell.WPF.dll) Version: