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SetIncludeUserDictionaryInSuggestions Method (v)
Keyoti RapidSpell WPF
Sets whether the user dictionary should be used in finding suggestions for misspelt words.
Declaration Syntax
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public void SetIncludeUserDictionaryInSuggestions(
	bool v
Public Sub SetIncludeUserDictionaryInSuggestions ( 
	v As Boolean
virtual void SetIncludeUserDictionaryInSuggestions(
	bool v
) sealed
abstract SetIncludeUserDictionaryInSuggestions : 
        v : bool -> unit 
override SetIncludeUserDictionaryInSuggestions : 
        v : bool -> unit 
v (Boolean)

Assembly: Keyoti3.RapidSpell.WPF (Module: Keyoti3.RapidSpell.WPF.dll) Version: