Keyoti RapidSpell WPF API Docs
FindSuggestions Method
Keyoti RapidSpell WPF
Returns an ArrayList of Strings that are suitable suggestions for the current bad word (that is, the one last returned by NextBadWord()).
Declaration Syntax
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ArrayList FindSuggestions()
Function FindSuggestions As ArrayList
ArrayList^ FindSuggestions()
abstract FindSuggestions : unit -> ArrayList 
Return Value
If no suggestions can be found, this should return an empty ArrayList.This method should be thread safe if operating with RapidSpell Desktop.
NoCurrentBadWordExceptionIf NextBadWord() hasn't been run first AND found an erroneous word.

Assembly: Keyoti3.RapidSpell.WPF (Module: Keyoti3.RapidSpell.WPF.dll) Version: