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SetOptionalContext Method (beforeToCheckSnippet, afterToCheckSnippet)
APIKeyoti.RapidSpell.WpfRapidSpellCheckerSetOptionalContext(String, String)
Keyoti RapidSpell WPF
Provides the engine with any helpful text around the text snippet which will be passed to the Check method.
Declaration Syntax
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public virtual void SetOptionalContext(
	string beforeToCheckSnippet,
	string afterToCheckSnippet
Public Overridable Sub SetOptionalContext ( 
	beforeToCheckSnippet As String,
	afterToCheckSnippet As String
virtual void SetOptionalContext(
	String^ beforeToCheckSnippet, 
	String^ afterToCheckSnippet
abstract SetOptionalContext : 
        beforeToCheckSnippet : string * 
        afterToCheckSnippet : string -> unit 
override SetOptionalContext : 
        beforeToCheckSnippet : string * 
        afterToCheckSnippet : string -> unit 
beforeToCheckSnippet (String)
Any text before the to check snippet
afterToCheckSnippet (String)
Any text after the snippet
Eg. if the document contains "This is an an example piece." and Check will be called on "an example piece", then the fact that 'an' is duplicated will not be detected. Therefore, by passing "This is an " to beforeToCheckSnippet the checker will be able to detect that an is duplicated.

Assembly: Keyoti3.RapidSpell.WPF (Module: Keyoti3.RapidSpell.WPF.dll) Version: