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Using RapidSpell Web Java with the ZK platform.

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Various platforms are available for J2EE such as ZK (zkoss.org). Usage with ZK is mostly the same as standard RapidSpell usage, except the RapidSpell Servlet (a.rapidspellweb) needs to run with a different URL (/rs/a.rapidspellweb instead of a.rapidspellweb).


1.     Install as per standard instructions in the documentation (ie modify the web.xml file in your app)

2.     Change the web.xml file, from this:


 To this




3.     Add this to your .zul file


<?script type="text/javascript" content=" zk.afterMount(function() {rsw_setupTextBoxes(true);});"?>


And load the RapidSpell script with


<script src="/rs/a.rapidspellweb?t=r&amp;n=RapidSpell-AYT.js" />



Eg. a full working page


<?page automaticTimeout="false"?>




<window title="Hello World!!" border="normal" width="200px">

<?script type="text/javascript" content=" zk.afterMount(function() {rsw_setupTextBoxes(true);});"?>

<script src="/rs/a.rapidspellweb?t=r&amp;n=RapidSpell-AYT.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
        rapidSpell.setParameterValue('default', 'UserDictionaryFile',
            rapidSpell.ayt_helperURL ='/rs/a.rapidspellweb?t=a';

<label value="You are using: ${desktop.webApp.version}"/>

<textbox rows="50" id='tb1'></textbox>




In this page, the textbox will be ‘as you type’ enabled.


If you have any trouble please let us know at support at keyoti.com




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