Step 1 - Changing references

Change the project references from the old version DLLs to the new version DLLs.

Step 2 - Update scripts

If you are using the Javascript style usage, update the Javascript and CSS files from the >install directory<\Keyoti_SearchEngine_Web_Common\

Step 3 - Upgrading web.config

Check the web.config for any mention of our DLLs with specific version numbers. You should change the version number to that of the actual DLL versions. You can find the version of a DLL through Windows Explorer -> Properties -> Version (tab)

Step 4 - Upgrade license keys

If you are moving major versions, you will need a new license key. If you have maintenance, please email to get a new key. Otherwise please purchase an upgrade from here. Place your new key in the web.config or app.settings according to these instructions