Quick Start

Please follow these simple steps to quickly setup SearchUnit in a web application. If you have any questions at all please contact us at support@keyoti.com

For MVC usage please see this tutorial

Web Forms

Step 1 (Setup)
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Step 5
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Step 8 (Search)

Step 1. Load/Create a project and add a page or webform.


Step 2. Create a new folder to store the index files;

  1. Open the project folder in File Explorer
  2. Create a new folder called 'Keyoti_Search_Index'


Step 3. Open the Index Manager Tool from the Start Menu and enter the path to your index directory.

The Index Manager Tool can be found under the Start Menu;

Start Menu -> All Programs -> SearchUnit -> Index Manager Tool


Step 4. Select 'Import New Source', enter the start URL & click 'Import'.

If an error reports the page cannot be read, please check the URL or consult the user guide for help.

Once the import is complete close the Import window, select 'Optimize' and click 'Start Optimize'.


Step 5. Copy the SearchUnit scripts folder to your project;

  1. Open the SearchUnit install folder (via Start Menu or File Explorer).
  2. Copy the 'Keyoti_SearchEngine_Web_Common' folder.
  3. Paste to your application's Solution Explorer.

  4. Next

Step 6. Add the SearchUnit JS and CSS tags to the head of your page.

To automatically add the tags, drag SearchUnit.js and SearchUnit.css from the Solution Explorer on to the page source. Alternatively copy and paste the tags as below to the head of your page.

<script src="Keyoti_SearchEngine_Web_Common/SearchUnit.js"></script>
<link href="Keyoti_SearchEngine_Web_Common/SearchUnit.css" rel="stylesheet" />

.NET 2 users must also add the following to all pages using SearchUnit (or set the variable from a common JS file).

<script type="text/javascript">keyotiSearch.useWCFService=false;</script>


Step 7. Add the SearchUnit divs to your page.

<div id="sew_searchBoxControl"></div>
<div id="sew_searchResultControl"></div>

sew_searchBoxControl is the search text box and button.

sew_searchResultControl is the search result control.


Step 8. Run the web application (hit F5) and try a search!

Here a search was done for 'chicken' in the SearchUnit demo recipes project.

Go further!

Now you're ready to explore more features in SearchUnit, please take a look at the 'Features' page in the help for more information on all that SearchUnit can do.