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Tips for adding SearchUnit to Microsoft Azure



Adding SearchUnit to Azure

Publishing your Visual Studio web application with SearchUnit is extremely simple and in most cases does not require any substantial changes to your application setup.

This guide assumes you have already followed the SearchUnit Quick Start Guide and are familiar with the controls. If not, please see the quick start guide in the documentation.

Watch our video tutorial or continue reading for the general points to remember when publishing a web application containing our search engine to Microsoft Azure;

Publish the Index Directory

Check that the index directory has been published correctly. If you Right Click your index directory folder under the Solution explorer you can then select 'Publish….'.
Publish to Azure

Include the SearchUnit scripts and CSS files in the project

Another point to remember is to include the files from the 'Keyoti_SearchEngine_Web_Common' folder in your project. So to do this, expand the folder (if you do not see any files then click the 'Show All Files' icon in the Solution Explorer menu). Then Click 'Include in Project'.
Include in project

Add your References

You will also need to have added the SearchUnit references to your project. So if you haven't already done do. Right click on 'References' in the Solution Explorer. Select 'Add Reference'. Browse to the SearchUnit install folder and under 'NETCLR_v4_BIN' choose each DLL you want to be referenced and click Add.
Add your SearchUnit references

Set a license key

And one last point to remember. As you will be using the project outside of the localhost environment you will need to set a valid license key. If you are evaluating SearchUnit you can request a trial key from our website or if you have purchased a license then you can request the key from our Key Generator page.

To set the license key you just need to set the following in the web.config under the appSettings section;

<add key="Keyoti-SearchEngine-LicenseKey" value="YourKeyHere"/>

Set a valid license key

Now publish to Azure

That should be all that's needed. You can now go ahead and publish your web application to Microsoft Azure. If you have any questions at all please contact support@keyoti.com.

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