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#1 Posted : Tuesday, March 6, 2018 2:19:34 PM
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We are pleased to announce the release of RapidSpell WPF v4.0.

Please download the new release here;

Improvements in v4.0

  • Add user dictionary file manager, so the user can add/remove additional text files to be used as user dictionaries.
  • Performance improvements, for RapidSpellAsYouType with RichTextBox and TextBox controls.
  • Improve user dictionary performance.
  • Fix modal window crash with multiple textboxes.
  • Update Dict Manager.
  • Added MaximumNumberOfErrorsToHighlight property to RapidSpellAsYouType, allows limit to be imposed on number of errors underlined, to preserve UI performance.

License Keys
Customers with an annual maintenance contract can request a new license key(s) by emailing support@keyoti.com.
Those customers without a maintenance contract can purchase an upgrade to version 4 here.

Backwards Compatibility

  • Please be aware that we have added support for multiple user dictionaries. This means that the end user can click the "Options..." button and then "User Dictionaries" and proceed to add new text files to be used as user dictionaries. The user is NOT permitted to remove the user dictionary assigned via code. To prevent the user adding/removing their own dictionaries, set ShowOptionForMultipleUserDictionaries=false in RapidSpellDialog or OptionsPresenter.
  • If you have a custom Options editor form (ie you are handling the event 'rapidSpellDialog1.CreateDialogViewOptions') then you will need to update the form that implements IDialogViewOptions. Open it and add an event SelectUserDictionary:
    public event EventHandler SelectUserDictionary;

    In the "User Dictionary" button click handler (eg. void userDictionaryBT_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)) change the code to call the new SelectUserDictionary event, eg.
      void userDictionaryBT_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
                if (SelectUserDictionary != null) SelectUserDictionary(this, e);

If you have any questions please email support or post on this forum.

Keyoti Inc.
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