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RSS News Feeds

RSS feeds enable you to keep up to date with our latest web site content such as news releases, product updates and Knowledge Base articles.

Just choose a product feed and either drag the RSS icon on to your news reader or copy the image destination URL.

RapidSpell Web ASP.NET - RSS

RapidSpell Desktop .NET - RSS

RapidSpell WPF - RSS

SearchUnit - RSS

RapidSpell Web Java - RSS

RapidSpell Desktop Java - RSS

New to RSS?

First you will need an RSS reader, this will collect and display news items that that you wish to receive and will update automatically when new content has been added. There are a number of free readers available, some as an add-in to your web browser or as a separate desktop application. Once you have an RSS reader you can add news feeds by simply dragging the RSS icon onto the reader or by entering the path of the news feed.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.

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