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Version History

RapidSpell Web Java


Product improvement is always on going, customers receive minor version updates for free.

New in v5.4

  • Fix encoding issue in OpenLiberty server.
  • Fix remove duplicate word issue in DIV dialog.
  • Fix as you type not working in Safari 15.
  • Fix Firefox AYT rendering issue.
  • Fix Chrome on Mac menu issue.
  • Update dictionaries.
  • Fix bug with undefined IDs.

New in v5.3

  • Added ability to set field labels for the dialog checker with JS mode usage, see Dialog page in the help.
  • IE7 Fix browser contextmenu being shown when right clicking on error word.
  • Chrome v57 introduced an issue with INPUT (single line) text boxes being wrongly sized in height, which has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with cursor not being visible (when first clicked) in single line text boxes in Chrome.
  • Russian translation correction.

New in v5.1

  • Added Polish and Russian UI texts
  • Added support for jQuery Combobox
  • Added support for jQuery autosize - please contact us for info
  • Added documentation on using with KendoUI rich text box, see 3rd party text box section of the help
  • Improved handling of textboxes made invisible and then visible again
  • Added rsw_unregisterTextBox(textBoxId) function to remove textbox from spell checker
  • Added preventDefaultCurrentEvent function to allow event cancellation (eg key events), see the Client Scripting section of the help
  • Added double click event mapping to original textbox with as you type mode
  • Addressed nodeValue being deprecated
  • Fixed Firefox issue with newlines
  • Fixed bug with textboxes marked to be ignored being picked up under certain conditions
  • Prevent suggestions context menu being hidden as textboxes are initialized
  • Fix bug in text reconciliation (for text changes occurring after a spell request was sent)
  • Map double click events to source textbox handler (for AYT)
  • Added submitOnEnterForSingleLine property to TBS objects to allow Enter to trigger form submit - please contact us for info
  • Fix placeholder bug
  • Added rapidSpell.ayt_forceNoScrollBars to allow complete override of scroll bars in AYT textboxes (false by default), useful with older browsers in certain document modes

Improvements in v5.0

  • Spell check options dialog added.
  • Added support for the context menu key on the keyboard, and enabled selection of suggestion menu items with keyboard.
  • Edge browser support added.
  • jQuery UI based dialog mode added (for Javascript based usage only).
  • Modal mode improvement to use jQuery UI dialog (must enable with rapidSpell.dialog_setUseDivDialog(true);) (for Javascript based usage only)
  • Smaller bug fixes

Improvements in v4.2

  • Spell checker can now look for elements to check by their class rsw_spellable. This allows textboxes to be checked by inclusively specifying them rather than excluding them.
  • Address some XSS issues with dialog spell checker.
  • Fix IE11 not tabbing to other textboxes.
  • Fix issue parsing some HTML content with entities.
  • Fix textbox overlay sizing issue with RapidSpellWInline tag usage and IE7, in static mode.

Improvements in v4.1

  • Make dictionary cache reload modified versions of a dictionary.
  • Added ability to ignore URLs and emails.
  • Added support for cross subdomain usage.
  • Fix bug with dialog spell checker freezing.
  • Fix Chrome/FF cursor positioning bug.

Improvements in v4.0

  • As you type support added for Chrome and Safari browsers.
  • Inclusion of simpler, more flexible automatic setup scripts, which will spell check all textboxes unless otherwise indicated (see docs).
  • Automatic dictionary caching, supports multiple dictionaries per app.
  • Filter suggestions that would make text longer than 'maxlength'.
  • Inline ignore all removes underlines in all text boxes and not just current.

Improvements in v3.2

  • Internet Explorer 9 support added
  • Firefox 4 support added

Improvements in v3.1

  • Global change all added to the dialog spell checker - set globalChangeAll="false" in RapidSpellWeb tag to deactivate.
  • Fix 'focus flash' in FF3 with multiple text boxes at end of spell check.

Improvements in v3.0

  • Inline and as-you-type spell checking added
  • Improved support for Struts and JSF
  • Ignore all action now global to all text boxes
  • Multiple RapidSpellWebMultiple tags can now be used
  • It is now assumed that the character encoding used in application servers will be UTF-8 (instead of the previous value of "8859_1"), if this is not correct then non ASCII chars (i.e. accents) may appear as boxes or question marks. The RapidSpellWeb tag (popup) has an attribute assumedApplicationEncoding which can be set to whatever encoding the application server is using.
  • Dictionary update.

Improvements in v2.4

  • LeaveWindowOpenForUndo property added to RapidSpellWebLauncher to set whether the popup stays open after the last error is dealt with, giving the user a chance to undo their change before committing.
  • Smooth transitions (between text boxes) for RapidSpellWebMultiple has been added (useSmoothTransitions property)
  • Undo functionality has been added (enableUndo property in RapidSpellWebLauncher)
  • Improved suggestions for short (2, 3 letter) words
  • LookIntoHyphenatedText property added to RapidSpellWebLauncher
  • CheckCompoundWords property added to RapidSpellWebLauncher

Improvements in v2.3

  • New RapidSpellWebMultiple Tag makes multiple check boxing cleaner and simpler.
  • Duplicate word detection added.
  • Script filtering added to prevent malicious Javascripts in text from running.
  • setDictFileStream in RapidSpellWeb tag and RapidSpellChecker facilitates Dict file loading from alternative sources (such as WAR files).
  • Safari and Opera browser support.
  • SSL friendly, SSL sites are now supported without the mixed content warning (set SSLFriendly attribute to true in Tags).
  • Modal popups supported with modal attribute in RapidSpellWebLauncher.
  • Popup window position now settable.
  • buttonImageMouseOut/Over/Down attributes allow images to be used instead of buttons, easily.
  • New properties added to define element styles in spell checker.
  • Portuguese UI texts and parser added to support new dictionary.
  • allowMixedCase attribute added to optionally allow errors such as "aFrIca" (default: false).

Improvements in v2.2

  • Improved suggestions algorithm.

Improvements in v2.1

  • Servlet compatibility added, allowing RapidSpell Web Java to be used with full functionality in Servlets.
  • Smoother multiple text box checking, multiple text boxes can be checked with one button (consult demo).
  • Dict file functionality added for run-time switchable dictionaries.
  • International UI text added for French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Improvements in v2

  • Full JSP Tag included
  • Addition of new alternative suggestions algorithm
  • Large speed increases in word lookup and suggestion finding
  • Direct future non English language dictionary support
  • More behavior customization methods
  • More accurate and separate US & UK dictionaries
  • 3rd Party component support
  • Multiple text box per page checking
  • HTML/XML text compatible
  • More behavior control


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