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Spell Checking for WPF Apps.

RapidSpell WPF v3.1.0

Go further than bog standard

Surprise your users with fully featured spell check; as you type, dialog, user options, autocorrect and custom dictionaries.
RapidSpell Desktolp .NET As-You-Type
Dialog Spell Checking with RapidSpell Desktop .NET

Your beautiful WPF app needs a spell checker to match

RapidSpell WPF is built upon 12+ years of experience, it is pure .NET with a WPF front end that can be easily styled to fit in perfectly with your UI.

High quality dictionaries for users across the world

We have millions of end users all over the globe, using our 21 dictionaries (including medical, legal and four English language variations).
Multilingual Spell Checking
Dialog Spell Checking with RapidSpell Desktop .NET

Deliver to specification, no compromises

RapidSpell WPF is flexible first and foremost. Our approach is openness, you can work with the minutia of our API to craft the spell check the way you want it.

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