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Thesaurus Control for Web Apps.

Thesaurus for ASP.NET


What Sets It Apart

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ASP.NET Thesaurus Control
Rich Design-time support
Cross Browser Support
This product is currently in BETA

Powerful Thesaurus control for ASP.NET web sites.

Provide users with a dialog based thesaurus with over 60,000 terms grouped together according to similarity, encouraging more descriptive and accurate writing or simply helping users understand the meaning of words.
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Thesaurus for ASP.NET is launched into a dialog user interface and presents the user with options to look up words, view meanings and replace with a synonym or antonym.

Design time support

The dialog control fully supports Visual Studio in design mode.

The extensive API offers ASP.NET developers with greater control and advanced options when integrating Thesaurus for ASP.NET into their applications.

Works with Internet Explorer 6+, and FireFox (Mozilla) 1+

As well as a comprehensive API and PDF documentation, Thesaurus for ASP.NET also provides a number of Visual Studio demo projects.

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