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Silverlight Controls

    RapidSpell Silverlight

  • Supports Silverlight & Windows Phone
  • Small Application Footprint
  • Multiple Languages Supported
  • Open API
RapidSpell Silverlight control

Why use Silverlight

The Microsoft Silverlight framework empowers web developers to build cross-browser, cross-platform and highly interactive internet applications, running from a single environment. Keyoti's Silverlight control allows users to add a powerful and customizable spell checker to Silverlight and Windows Phone apps.

Minimal Footprint

To be fully optimized for the web environment, Silverlight software needs to be light-weight - the RapidSpell Silverlight DLL and English dictionary combined, weigh-in at just 570KB - minimizing the application footprint while still providing optimal user experience.

Full Framework Support

Support for Silverlight versions 3, 4, 5 and Windows Phone 7.

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