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Spell Checking Products

RapidSpell Web ASP.NET

Add a spell checker to ASP.NET, AJAX, MVC, RAZOR, ASP or HTML web applications.

RapidSpell Web ASP.NET control

RapidSpell Desktop .NET

Designed for WinForm developers to enable spell checking within Microsoft .NET applications.

Windows Forms spell checker

RapidSpell Web Java

RapidSpell Web Java was created specifically for JSP, JSF, Servlet, Struts, GWT or HTML web designers.

RapidSpell Web Java component

RapidSpell WPF

A spell checking control for the Windows Presentation Foundation framework.

RapidSpell WPF control

RapidSpell Silverlight

Supports Silverlight & Windows Phone applications.

RapidSpell Silverlight control

RapidSpell Desktop Java

Designed for Java developers to add a spell checking component to their software programs.

RapidSpell Desktop Java component

Spell checking solutions for enterprise application developers

Keyoti has specialised in developing a mature range of spell checking products to meet the needs of developers and end users alike. Engineered for optimal performance and complete flexibility, developers creating enterprise orientated solutions will find Keyoti's spell checker controls easy to implement and a pleasure to use. Each spelling product is separately maintained to ensure all technological platforms are comprehensively supported.

For the end-user

The RapidSpell series of products replicates the usual spell checking features used by many popular desktop word processing programs. End-users can work intuitively with the spelling UI - whether they are spell checking documents inline, using the dialog interface within a textbox or spell checking data grids, RapidSpell provides all the features your users will expect.

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