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#1 Posted : Friday, June 6, 2014 12:12:33 PM
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We are pleased to make available version 1.0 of RapidFindReplace WPF.
Download the evaluation of RapidFindReplace WPF here.

RapidFindReplace WPF allows developers to easily add find and replace functionality to WPF controls including; text boxes, rich textboxes, combo boxes, data grids, list boxes & more.


Basic Usage

To implement Find/Replace, just drop RapidFindReplacePopupControl on to a Window - it will automatically scope itself to search over the entire Window and can be opened with the Find ApplicationCommand (i.e. CTRL-F).

Custom Style

Basic Style Properties

There are simple style properties in the controls (RapidFindReplaceControl and RapidFindReplacePopupControl) that may be set in the designer/xaml. E.g.

BodyHighlightAdornerBrush - the brush used to paint the highlight fill
BodyHighlightAdornerPen - the pen used to paint the highlight border
BodyIterativeHighlightAdornerBrush - the brush used to paint the highlight fill shown as the user iterates over matches

Extensive Styling (Template)

As with other WPF controls, RapidFindReplaceControl and RapidFindReplacePopupControl can be re-templated, to give them an entirely new look.

Docking Position

The RapidFindReplacePopup control can be opened initially in various places on the Window. The user can drag the popup by the title bar, and resize it with the thumb grip.

DockingPosition can be set to TopLeft, TopCenter, TopRight, MiddleLeft, MiddleCenter, MiddleRight, BottomLeft, BottomCenter, or BottomRight.

Office Style

To use the built-in Office styling, import the resource dictionary from the RapidFindReplace assembly, and set the style to the resource RapidFindReplacePopupControlMSWordStyle.

ViewModel Usage

It is possible to do Find/Replace without the RapidFindReplace controls - instead the control's ViewModel class (RapidFindReplaceControlViewModel) may be used directly.

A TextBox is bound to the Query DependencyProperty in RapidFindReplaceControlViewModel, a KeyUp handler is used to trigger as-you-type finds and the Button fires the FindTextCommand in the view model.

This style of usage allows lower level access and the opportunity to build a Find/Replace UI from scratch.

Please feel free to post here or email support at keyoti.com with any questions.

Thank you,

Keyoti Inc
#2 Posted : Friday, June 13, 2014 5:46:47 PM
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Is it a lot of work (or even possible) to do the following?
- style the Find control and highlight settings (color, fonts etc)
- highlight search results one at a time (using Next/previous)
- have the screen automatically scroll to the next highlight location when not already visible

The intent is to reproduce the text search functionality available in most modern browsers e.g. FF 28.

Thank you for any comment!
#3 Posted : Friday, June 13, 2014 6:46:23 PM
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Yes that's all possible actually I think #2 and #3 are built in already.

For styling, it depends what exactly you want to achieve (our default style is similar to browsers, not identical), but mostly how familiar you are with Blend.

Please try the product trial and if you'd like I can put together a template like Firefox's Find (do you want user options to be available too?).


-your feedback is helpful to other users, thank you!

-your feedback is helpful to other users, thank you!

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