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#1 Posted : Thursday, March 24, 2016 10:19:28 AM
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I want to generate dictionary dynamically. For example, load from database (each time the application starts). Is it possible to do that?
#2 Posted : Thursday, March 24, 2016 4:52:46 PM
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Yes it is. I don't know if you're asking about the user dictionary, or main dictionary. So here's both

USER DICTIONARY ('Add' button functionality):
This is just a text file, with one word per line, so you could just create that text file when the app starts.
Or, you can actually read/write to the DB during spell check operations https://keyoti.com/kb/De...questId=33&catId=45

You can create .dict files using the DictManager.jar API. The DictManager.jar is in the product ZIP, under "DictManager"

Programmatic Use Of Dict Manager

To use Dict Manager programmatically:
Add DictManager.jar to your classpath, or lib.
Create an instance: model = new com.keyoti.rapidSpell.DictManagerModel();
Use any of the method calls on 'model':


createDict - Creates a new dict file
loadDict - Loads an existing dict file
addWord - Adds a word to current open dict file
mergeDictFile - Merges an existing dict file with the open dict file
mergeTextFile - Merges an existing text file with the open dict file
removeWord - Removes a word from the dict file
lookUp - Checks if a word is in the dict file
saveDict - Saves the currently open dict file

Typical usages should be in the following order;
create or load
modifying operations

Then, use the .dict file for the dictionary (instead of the default JAR) https://keyoti.com/produ...rGuide/Dict%20Files.htm

-your feedback is helpful to other users, thank you!

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