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#1 Posted : Wednesday, August 21, 2013 3:52:52 PM
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We periodically get the license dialog (because infragistics blows the licenses.licx file whenever we edit their component). Once we register, put those lines in the licenses.licx file and rebuild, it works fine. (But it doesn't with another developer, so the dialog keeps popping up despite several attempts of register, make sure licenses.licx got those lines and rebuild).

Do you have any other tricks you got that we can try?

What happens if we can't get it to register on every developer machine? Will it affect our build? (we use a separate machine with valid license to do our builds). I am thinking as long as the build machine behaves ok with we should be fine.

#2 Posted : Wednesday, August 21, 2013 5:15:13 PM
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Hi - the license key is embedded in the exe when the app is rebuilt so if the build machine behaves correctly then you should be fine. However I can appreciate you want to have the license work on the other developer's machine too.

Can you try searching their Isolated Storage folder
(usually under C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\IsolatedStorage\)
for 'thesaurus'. You should find a file named 'Keyoti.Thesaurus.Windows' within one of the random subfolders.

Open the file in a text editor and compare the key with the key you're trying to register on the machine. If they are different then replace the key in the file with your key and save. Then try rebuilding the app.

Let me know how that goes. (Please don't paste any license keys here - I know you know that but I had to say :)


Dan Wright
Dan Wright
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