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#1 Posted : Monday, September 7, 2020 5:29:37 AM
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Joined: 3/15/2020
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During reimport windows service gives an error and stops importing so many documents and pages are not indexed.
Here is the error in windows service log:

Exception caught in the import process: Lexicon order ("".compareTo("") <= 0) StackTrace: at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.DocumentIndex.a(Document A_0, a A_1, String A_2)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.DocumentIndex.a(Object A_0, AddDocumentEventArgs A_1)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.IndexableSources.IndexableSource.OnAddedDocument(AddDocumentEventArgs e)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.IndexableSources.WebSiteBasedSource.a(Object A_0, AddDocumentEventArgs A_1)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.IndexableSources.WebSiteSpider.b(Document A_0)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.IndexableSources.WebSiteSpider.a(Document A_0, String A_1, Boolean A_2, ArrayList A_3, IndexableSourceRecord A_4, ArrayList A_5, DiscoveredDocumentHandler A_6)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.IndexableSources.WebSiteSpider.a(ArrayList A_0, ArrayList A_1, WebsiteBasedIndexableSourceRecord A_2)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.IndexableSources.WebSiteSpider.CrawlI(String startURL, Boolean isLoginPage, WebsiteBasedIndexableSourceRecord indexableSourceRecord)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.IndexableSources.WebSiteBasedSource.Import()
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.DocumentIndex.Import(IndexableSourceRecord indexableSourceRecord, IIndexableSource dataSource)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.DocumentIndex.Import(IndexableSourceRecord indexableSourceRecord)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.WindowsService.Task.a(ConfigurationManager A_0, Boolean A_1)

I also checked the documentIndex.log exactly at the same time of the windows service error there are multiple errors for various pages with this exeption:

AddDocument() on xxx caught an Exception Lexicon order ("".compareTo("") <= 0) at Keyoti.SearchEngine.DA3.FS.aa.a(Word A_0, c A_1)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.k.a(ArrayList A_0)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.k.b(Document A_0)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.q.a(Document A_0)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.q.a(Document A_0, a A_1, Boolean A_2, String A_3)
at Keyoti.SearchEngine.Index.DocumentIndex.a(Document A_0, a A_1, String A_2)

Could you please help me to resolve the problem?
#2 Posted : Wednesday, September 9, 2020 10:35:48 PM
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Location: Canada
Hi, your index is corrupt. You will need to delete the index (you can keep the XML files however) and reindex.

The index can become corrupt if the indexing task is killed ungracefully.

If you find this condition happens again please email support@keyoti.com and we can try to diagnose what is happening.

-your feedback is helpful to other users, thank you!

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