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License Keys

Deployment Licensing

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After purchase you are automatically given an 'activation key' which you will use to access our online deployment key generator system.

If you purchased a Site Wide/Unlimited or Enterprise/OEM license you should use your 'activation key' to login to the deployment key generator and obtain an "unlimited deployment key" (which works with any domain-name/server).

If you purchased one of our developer/server/web-site licenses, our deployment key generator allows you to generate deployment keys based on the domain names and server IPs where your web application will be deployed.

Test servers are free, we will give you free keys for test domains/servers when it is obvious that the machine is not for production use, eg. staging.mydomain.com or tests.mydomain.com.

Deployment keys are not required for development. A developer license allows development and testing on one machine. Deployment keys are only required when connections are made to the web-site from other computers.


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