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Version History

RapidSpell WPF


Product improvement is always on going, customers receive minor version updates for free.

Improvements in v4.2

  • English dictionary updates.
  • Add ClipAdornerToBounds property in RapidSpellAsYouType to enable underline clipping, however this will reduce performance, use when necessary.
  • Avoid handled exception being thrown and caught when code based licensing mechanism not used.
  • Minor stability issues fixed.

Improvements in v4.1

  • Address outlier bugs.

Improvements in v4.0

  • Add user dictionary file manager, so the user can add/remove additional text files to be used as user dictionaries.
  • Performance improvements, for RapidSpellAsYouType with RichTextBox and TextBox controls.
  • Improve user dictionary performance.
  • Fix modal window crash with multiple textboxes.
  • Update Dict Manager.
  • Added MaximumNumberOfErrorsToHighlight property to RapidSpellAsYouType, allows limit to be imposed on number of errors underlined, to preserve UI performance.

Improvements in v3.1

  • Improved performance of RapidSpellAsYouType with RichTextBox.
  • Added RemoveAllTextComponents method to API.

Improvements in v3.0

  • Improved typing speed with large texts in RichTextBox.
  • Sentence capitalization correction.
  • Ignore Once added to 'as you type'.
  • Compressed dictionaries.
  • Many small bug fixes and improvements in behavior.

Improvements in v2.0

Separation of WPF spell checking codebase from RapidSpell Desktop .NET product v4.7.

  • As you type checking for rich and plain textboxes
  • Simplified dialog usage
  • Design time controls
  • Custom GUI demos
  • No dependency on RapidSpell Desktop or System.Windows.Forms (as was the case previously)


Initial release, bundled with RapidSpell Desktop .NET v4.


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