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ASP.NET Search Engine for Web Apps.

Search for ASP.NET v2012.3

Add a powerful search engine control to your ASP.NET web applications.

Search for ASP.NET is a simple to use and clean to implement, full text ASP.NET search engine control for web-sites. Entirely designer based, Search is easy to configure and deploy, allowing you to add an ASP.NET search engine to web applications in a snap. Our fully functional evaluation allows you to integrate Search in your own web application – with Visual Studio demos and quick start guide, you can setup Search for ASP.NET within minutes.
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Unlimited Searching

Our search control allows an unlimited number of searches, an unrestricted index size, no document limit and we do not restrict the file types you can index.

A Search Engine on your website in no time at all

Implementation is as easy as:

  • Drag SearchBox and SearchResult controls onto pages
  • Set which directory will be used to store the index files
  • Index web-site through integrated index management tool

Pro Level Features

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These features are present only in Search Pro for ASP.NET

Admin application

Web-based administration of;

  • Indexing
  • Content/Location assignment
  • Configuration
  • Index deletion

The ASP.NET search engine has an optional Windows Service which can be installed for periodic rebuilds.

Spelling suggestions Spelling suggestions on the search results page

Flexible spelling control checks queries, and includes custom dictionary support for organization acronyms, jargon and names.

Documents within the search engine's index can be assigned to location categories and multiple content categories, giving users choice in which sections of the site are searched.

Location and content categories Search categories within a user control

Includes User Control source code for total flexibility.


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These features are present in Search Pro and Search Lite

Searches through millions of words across thousands of documents of multiple types in a fraction of a second.

Conveniently manage documents within the search engine's index, direct from the control designer.

The index management tool -

  • discovers web pages and documents automatically by crawling the website
  • indexes documents from your web site for high speed searching
  • allows manual addition and removal of documents from the search index
  • identifies broken links while indexing
Search box

The ASP.NET search control allows portions of a query to be surrounded with quotes causing the contained keywords to be treated as an exact phrase, search results will contain the words in the phrase in precise order.

Search results

The search result summary is an extract of the original text showing as many of the search keywords as possible. Summary can include multiple extracts from various parts of the document when searched words are not close enough.

Word form variations

Word variations are (optionally) included in the search - in the example above the search term "downwards" yielded results with the same stem "downward" which were ranked lower (optional through an adjustable factor). Similarly a search for "downward" would yield results with "downwards", etc.

Brackets indicate grouping, "-" indicates a NOT operator, OR indicates OR logic, AND indicates AND logic (implicit when not specified). Groups can be nested to any number of levels, and may contain any legal expressions (phrases, NOT, OR, AND). Wildcards * can be used to indicate partial matches.

Auto-complete displays suggestions as a user types a search term in the SearchBox control.

Suggested search terms

and complete result text preview inline in the website's search results

Previewing a document

Import and index rows from databases (MSSQL, Oracle, OLE) or any DataSet.

Automatic link discovery through the web site spider which reads and indexes pages ready for searching.

Editing the template

Quickly modify layout of search results through templates for; header, footer, no-results, result-item, error-message (for invalid search expressions).

Written entirely in .NET, with no legacy components. The flexible API allows for customization of many of the behaviors, including addition of custom file format parsers - plus programmatic administering, indexing and searching.

The Plug-in architecture allows convenient access to search/index/import events, for customization.

Username and password combinations can be specified for multiple websites

Some search engines require the Microsoft Indexing Service to operate fully, however Search for ASP.NET requires only .NET to be installed.

Choice of case-insensitive or case-sensitive searching.

The SearchResult control optionally works with DataSet objects, which can contain results from any number of resources, such as;

  • SQL database queries
  • XML documents (see included example)
  • Web service results
  • Programmatically generated sets
  • etc.

Multiple blocks can be marked in web-pages as regions not to be indexed, this is most useful with menu's and other blocks that are repeated on many pages throughout the website.

Crawls and indexes pages encoded in most encodings (Unicode, UTF-8, ASCII, Cyrillic, Greek etc.) Page encoding is determined by server response or if not specified by server, in the page meta tags. All UI text's are localizable.

Includes many free spell check dictionaries.

Featured Results control

For easy addition of 'featured results' to the search results page, this control is ideal for highlighting product-pages, support and other important pages on your website.

Fully compatible with Visual Studio 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013 and Microsoft ASP.NET 4.0, 3.5. 2.0 and 1.1.

Search for ASP.NET complies with Section 508 and W3C AA. Please view the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) which outlines the specific accessibility-related features.


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Search for ASP.NET is an index based ASP.NET search engine control for web applications, written in .NET. All features of the search engine are fully customizable through its use of templates. It is simple to use, being entirely control based no programming is required. It is easy to deploy, requiring only its DLLs and index files to be moved to the server.

    For users it provides high-speed search capabilities, with powerful search expressions;
  • Phrase matching
  • NOT, OR and AND operators
  • Groups and nested groups
  • Word stemming

    Extensible API gives developers broad usage scope
  • Custom document parsers
  • Custom ranking algorithms
  • Programmatic crawling, indexing and searching
  • Logging of user's search activities

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