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RapidSpell Web ASP.NET


RapidSpell Web ASP.NET is a mature, fully featured ASP.NET spell checker.

  • Dialog and inline document highlighting
  • ASP.NET Validator behavior
  • Undo spelling corrections
  • C# & VB.NET examples
  • Spell checks ANY text box; Html, ASP.NET, 3rd Party Html Text Boxes
  • All processing performed on server in one request
  • Fast proprietary spellchecking algorithms
  • Multilingual UI, just pick the language in Visual Studio
  • Server farms are 100% supported, no special settings or configuration required.
  • Quality non-English, Medical and Legal dictionaries available
  • Customizable dictionaries using Dict Manager
  • Full customization of text, style, color and layout
  • Broad browser compatibility , IE5+, Firefox 1+, Opera, Safari (on PC & Mac) and Android Browser.
  • We innovated the "no-post back interface"
  • Multiple text box spell checking with one click
  • Client side scripting support
  • Duplicate word detection
  • Open API for full customization
  • Multi-user or single-user user dictionaries
  • Database user dictionary support
  • High performance server cluster support
  • 2 suggestions algorithms; Default phonetic or hashing spellcheck algorithm.
  • SSL safe
  • Modal/Nonmodal popup mode or main page mode
  • Malicious script filtering - 15 levels of filtration to choose from
  • Used on 1000s of web-sites
  • Built by a company with long term spell checker experience
  • Free email support and free minor version updates (major version upgrades at discount rates)
  • Complies with Section 508 and W3C AA. Please view the Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) which outlines the specific accessibility-related features.


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RapidSpell Web ASP.NET is Javascript based so it will work with any page type, ASP.NET, AJAX, MVC, Razor, ASP, HTML etc.

It’s easy to use the ASP.NET spell checker via Javascript or as a Web Control in an aspx page or programmatically in code behind. either way full customization of style, layout and properties is possible. Using a simple HTML template mechanism it is also possible to layout the spell checker as you wish, including branding.

All dictionaries (main and user's) are stored on the server, yet the user's spell checking experience is not hampered by any post-backs to the server, because there are none. User dictionaries can be stored on a database (examples provided).

Dict Manager, allows RapidSpell Dict files to be customized and created from other word lists, using the free 'Dict Manager' tool distributed with the product.

RapidSpell Web provides two distinct spell checker controls;
RapidSpellWebLauncher functions in one of two modes, 'popup' - which open's a small console window with the spell checker in it or in 'separate' - which loads the spell checker in the main window on a separate page, there are no restrictions with either of these modes.
RapidSpellWInline works using AJAX to highlight errors inside the text box.

All of the included spell checker controls can be enabled as Validators, which perform validation of spelling in text boxes before allowing data to be saved. For example; when the form is posted back, the RapidSpellWebLauncher or RapidSpellWInline control will check for errors, if there are errors the user is prompted (in the validation summary) to run a spell check. They do not have to correct all errors, but must at least run the spell checker. The spell checker can also be started automatically.

Two powerful suggestions engines can be used to find suggestions for words;

Phonetic suggestions algorithm (English only), works well with genuine attempts to spell correctly.

Hashing suggestions (default), roughly 40 times faster than the phonetic algorithm, works best on typographic errors and commonly misspelled words.

RapidSpell Web has a decoupled checker engine, which allows (via an interface definition) the use of any core spell checker class or other type of text parser to be used with the interface. This allows complete customization of the engine (including for tasks other than spell checking, such as to check for offensive words) and the interface.

The RapidSpell ASP.NET control works without session variables, making it possible to use RapidSpell Web with server clusters/farms. The single request architecture keeps server load down, and is possible through our high performance suggestions algorithm

Use the control from the designer or directly in the code-behind.

RapidSpell Web was written entirely in C#, and makes no use of legacy DLLs or APIs.

Every aspect of the appearance (text, layout, and style) can be customized through simple properties. The user interface can easily be changed to predefined language text or individually customized with your own wording.

Open API allows the user dictionaries to be stored in any fashion desired - default is server file based, however this can be overridden for database, or application cache usage for example.

RapidSpell Web ASP.NET is designed to ASP.NET 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0 specification and are all fully supported - as are all versions of Visual Studio .NET.


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