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Version History

RapidSpell Web ASP.NET


Product improvement is always on going, customers receive minor version updates for free.

New in v6.4

  • Fix resize gripper not appearing in as-you-type textboxes
  • Fix overflow issue in as-you-type in Chrome
  • Correct padding applied to as-you-type textboxes so that it is inside of scrollpane
  • Fix tab key in as-you-type, Chrome
  • Fix handling of % width/height in as-you-type enabled textboxes
  • Fix bug in RapidSpellWInlineTextBox (older Server Control usage)
  • Fix issue where cookies are added twice

New in v6.3

  • Fix as you type not working in Safari 15
  • Fix issue with .NET Core/5+ dictionaries
  • Fix Firefox AYT rendering issue
  • Fix Chrome on Mac menu issue
  • Update dictionaries
  • Fix bug with undefined IDs

New in v6.2

  • Fix problem when Undo button is not visible
  • English dictionary update

New in v6.1

  • Cookies used by RapidSpell to hold user option selections now have the Secure attribute set when run on HTTPS.
  • IgnorePatternMaximumWordLength property added to RapidSpellChecker so that ignore patterns can be restricted in length.
  • LookForAnagrams property added so that anagram suggestions can be disabled.
  • ASP.NET Core assembly, add ability to specify a custom UserDictionary subclass for use in the API, via DI.
  • Remove inclusion of stack trace in JS error logs, for security.

New in v6.0

  • Add ASP.NET Core support with new DLL.
  • Update Dict Manager.
  • Added ability to set field labels for the dialog checker with JS mode usage, see Dialog page in the help.
  • Fixed issue with IE11 running in IE9 mode causing browser crash.
  • Added event hook ups for keypress and input.
  • Support change events in AngularJS.
  • Fix bug in dialog check where words could be incorrectly ignored

New in v5.3

  • IE7 Fix browser contextmenu being shown when right clicking on error word.
  • Chrome v57 introduced an issue with INPUT (single line) text boxes being wrongly sized in height, which has been fixed.
  • Fixed issue with cursor not being visible (when first clicked) in single line text boxes in Chrome.
  • Russian translation correction.

New in v5.2

  • Added Polish and Russian UI texts
  • Added support for jQuery Combobox
  • Added support for jQuery autosize - please contact us for info
  • Added documentation on using with KendoUI rich text box, see 3rd party text box section of the help
  • Improved handling of textboxes made invisible and then visible again
  • Added rsw_unregisterTextBox(textBoxId) function to remove textbox from spell checker
  • Added preventDefaultCurrentEvent function to allow event cancellation (eg key events), see the Client Scripting section of the help
  • Added double click event mapping to original textbox with as you type mode
  • Addressed nodeValue being deprecated
  • Fixed Firefox issue with newlines
  • Fixed bug with textboxes marked to be ignored being picked up under certain conditions
  • Prevent suggestions context menu being hidden as textboxes are initialized
  • Fix bug in text reconciliation (for text changes occurring after a spell request was sent)
  • Map double click events to source textbox handler (for AYT)
  • Added submitOnEnterForSingleLine property to TBS objects to allow Enter to trigger form submit - please contact us for info
  • Fix placeholder bug
  • Added rapidSpell.ayt_forceNoScrollBars to allow complete override of scroll bars in AYT textboxes (false by default), useful with older browsers in certain document modes

New in v5.1

  • The Javascript files now contain no lines over 3000 characters long (this is to help certain other developer tools that might not handle long lines)
  • Moved demo projects to user's "Documents" folder to prevent UAC challenges when opening a solution in VS.
  • Updated documentation.
  • Fix certain capitalized suggestions being duplicated

New in v5.0

  • Added WCF and ASMX Web Services for backend server calls. For MVC users this means there is now no dependence on ASPX Web Forms. It is also more lightweight.
  • Spell check options dialog added.
  • Added support for the context menu key on the keyboard, and enabled selection of suggestion menu items with keyboard.
  • Edge browser support added.
  • jQuery UI based dialog mode added (for Javascript based usage only).
  • Modal mode improvement to use jQuery UI dialog (must enable with rapidSpell.dialog_setUseDivDialog(true);) (for Javascript based usage only)
  • Smaller bug fixes

New in v4.5

  • IE11 fix issue where clicking off of the top line would not focus cursor.
  • Improve performance with certain larger text contents.
  • Fix XSS issue with popup URL manipulation.
  • Fix tabbing between fields in recent versions of Chrome.
  • Support 'placeholder' HTML attribute in text boxes
  • Images in rich HTML editors will now be hidden by default in the dialog spell checker text window, to allow them to be shown call rapidSpell.setParameterValue('default', 'HideImages', false);
  • Added WCF support http://keyoti.com/support/default.aspx?g=posts&t=2176
  • Added ability to set textbox ids to check for inline, use rapidSpell.ayt_setupTextBoxes(false, idsToCheck);
  • Smaller bug fixes

New in v4.4

  • Spell checker can now look for elements to check by their class rsw_spellable. This allows textboxes to be checked by inclusively specifying them rather than excluding them.
  • Address some XSS issues with dialog spell checker.
  • Fix IE11 not tabbing to other textboxes.
  • Small bug fixes.

New in v4.3

  • Improve static overlay styling
  • Small bug fixes.
  • Add support for IE 11
  • Use web fonts within as-you-type text area, when specified in a CSS file
  • Fix placement issue with static overlay

New in v4.2

  • Fix % width/height handling in as you type textboxes.
  • Tablet browsers (Android etc) will switch to left click for context menu suggestions, to support touch.
  • Fix bug in dialog with too many errors crashing popup
  • Small bug fixes.

New in v4.1

  • Make dictionary cache reload newer versions of a dictionary.
  • Enable cross subdomain usage for dialog spell checker (see docs).
  • Fix Chrome & Safari issue with textbox postback losing data.
  • Small bug fixes.

New in v4.0

  • As you type support added for Chrome and Safari browsers.
  • Inclusion of simpler, more flexible automatic setup scripts, which will spell check all textboxes unless otherwise indicated (see docs).
  • Automatic dictionary caching, supports multiple dictionaries per app.
  • Sentence capitalization correction added [IgnoreIncorrectSentenceCapitalization]
  • Lowercase i correction (in English) [IgnoreInEnglishLowerCaseI]
  • Filter suggestions that would make text longer than 'maxlength'.
  • Inline ignore all removes underlines in all text boxes and not just current.
  • Prevent pasting beyond 'maxlength'.

New in v3.8 (free to all v3 customers)

  • Internet Explorer 9 support added
  • Firefox 4 support added
  • Autoclose popup window when user navigates away from main page.

New in v3.7

  • .NET 4 DLLs and VS 2010 demos included

New in v3.6

  • Faster performance with large texts

New in v3.5

  • Ignore All & Change All operations are now global (affect all textboxes during a check) in dialog spell checker. To revert to old behavior (local) please set GlobalIgnoreAll="false" and GlobalChangeAll="false" in the RapidSpellWeb control (popup page).
  • Added consistent ClientSideObject interface for downlevel browsers rendering RapidSpellWInlineTextBox
  • RapidSpellWInlineTextBox client side events can now also be hooked up using HTML attributes, "onblur", "oncontextmenu", "oncorrection", "onfocus", "onkeydown", "onkeypress", "onkeyup", "onmousedown", "onmouseup", "onpaste"

New in v3.4

  • The as-you-type spell checker can now be set to not automatically check the text on page load, see RapidSpellWInline.CheckAsYouTypeOnPageLoad.
  • English dictionaries updated.
  • Improved as-you-type spell checking behavior under slow network conditions (text change reconciliation)
  • Use of multiple RapidSpellWebMultiple controls on a page is now supported.
  • Added new RapidSpellCheckerClient control, which provides AJAX based programmatic Javascript spell checking.
  • Added RightClickForMenu property to RapidSpellWInline to switch context menu from left to right click (default = false / left).
  • Added TextComponentInterface.Automatic which simplifies usage with rich/html textboxes.
  • Added support for "ASP.NET AJAX" RTM 1.0.
  • Added built-in support for GridView usage.
  • Improved/simplified client side API usage of RapidSpellWebLauncher, RapidSpellWInlineTextBox and RapidSpellWInline (see userguide)
  • Added RapidSpellWInline.ValidatorNeedsText event to allow validator usage with rich/html textboxes.
  • Added properties for "No suggestions" and "Remove duplicate word" text.
  • Allow .NET 2 users to use external stylesheets in addition to internal ones.

New in v3.3

  • Added ability to specify custom style-sheets for RapidSpellWInlineTextBox and RapidSpellWInline
  • Added ShowAddButtonAlways property to RapidSpellWInline to override Add button hiding when UserDictionaryFile is not specified
  • Enabled property in RapidSpellWInline/RapidSpellWebLauncher now automatically effects the button
  • XML/HTML parser speed improved
  • RapidSpellWeb and RapidSpellWebLauncher common code moved to JS files (.NET 1) and embedded scripts (.NET 2)
  • Multiple text box 'as you type' style demo added

New in v3.2

  • Retro-fit XmlHttpRequest server access for capable browsers
  • Added 'Change All' functionality in RapidSpellWInline, see ShowChangeAllItem property
  • Added support for HTML/Rich text boxes (including Dart's PowerWEB TextBox)

New in v3.1

  • Support for Visual Studio 2005 / ASP.NET 2.0 added

New in v3.0 (discounted for all v2 customers)

  • RapidSpellWInline control added, which provides a new 'inline' highlighting interface.
  • RapidSpellWInlineTextBox control added providing in-document highlighting in modern browsers.
  • Validator behavior added, allowing text boxes to be validated for spelling before saving.
  • Undo functionality added to traditional spell checker.
  • Smooth multiple text box checking added to RapidSpellWebMultiple.
  • Simpler license key usage.
  • 'Field being checked' text added (useful for multiple text boxes).
  • Simpler multiple text box checking with grids and lists.
  • Simple access to dictionary caching added.
  • Added ability to ignore URLs and emails, as well as custom regex patterns.

New in v2.8 (free to all v2 customers)

  • Firefox v1 support added.
  • Portuguese LanguageType added, includes Portuguese GUI text.
  • SSLFriendlyPage property added so that path to 'blank' html page is settable.
  • AllowMixedCase property sets whether words in mixed case that do not appear exactly as such in dictionary will be reported as an error.

New in v2.7

  • Ignoring words with numbers is optional through new IgnoreWordsWithDigits property
  • Addition of client side event listeners "StartedOnTextBoxListener" and "FinishedOnTextBoxListener" to RapidSpellWebMultiple make features such text box highlighting possible (see updated DynamicList.aspx demo)
  • New server-side event "Finish" added to RapidSpellWebLauncher and RapidSpellWebMultiple controls, use with PostBackOnFinish=true to run server-side code when spell check is complete
  • New demos added for the Repeater control and hiding/showing text boxes

New in v2.6

  • Malicious script filtering added - 15 levels of filtration to choose from.
  • Multiple text box in DataList example source added to demos.
  • Improved ease of use, setting text control to spell check is simpler, especially for situations involving data grids, lists, and user controls.
  • New RapidSpellWebMultiple control makes checking multiple text boxes simple.
  • Duplicate word detection; such as "this is is duplicated".
  • Support for Opera and Safari browsers.
  • Design Time improvements; more properties for setting style and text.
  • 'Preview Pane' now set-able to X%, allowing it to resize with pop-up window size (useful for users who wish to pull the popup bigger).
  • Improved dictionaries; the UK, US & Combined English dictionaries have been enlarged, Canadian and Australian dictionaries are now available, free of charge.

New in v2.5

  • The popup window position is now set-able in RapidSpellWebLauncher.WindowX & RapidSpellWebLauncher.WindowY properties (set these to -1 if you want them not set).
  • The URL of the RapidSpellModalHelper.html page for modal users is now set-able using the ModalHelperPage property in RapidSpellWebLauncher.

New in v2.4

  • Modal dialog support for popup mode.
  • For multiple text box checking there is now the 'FinishClosesWindow' property to set whether the 'Finish' button should close the spell check or move onto the next text box.

Improvements in v2.3

  • Improved suggestions (anagram searching and split word suggestions)
  • Compound word support (for German)
  • Client side Javascript events added
  • SSL mixed content warning fix
  • Documentation added for User Controls and DataGrid
  • Smoother multiple text box checking example added

Improvements in v2.2

  • International UI text built-in
  • Button images, with mouse over, out and down support
  • New 'Dict file' support for run-time switchable and customizable dictionaries
  • Decoupled checker engine, allows any kind of parser to be used
  • Hyphenated text handling improvements
  • Improved suggestions algorithm

Improvements in v2.1

  • 3rd Party Control support
  • Multiple text box per page checking
  • HTML/XML text compatible
  • More behavior control
  • Improved Visual Studio design time support

Improvements in v2

  • Full Web Control included
  • Addition of new alternative suggestions algorithm
  • Large speed increases in word lookup and suggestion finding
  • Direct future non English language dictionary support
  • More behavior customization methods
  • More accurate and separate US & UK dictionaries


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