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3rd Party Controls

RapidSpell Desktop .NET


RapidSpell Desktop provides a simple interface specification which allows 3rd Party Controls to be used with the Dialog checker. This simple mechanism means it is possible to use just about any Control with RapidSpell Desktop, the full product includes an 'adapter' controls for the popular "TX TextControl", DevExpress "XtraGrid" & "MemoExEdit" and Janus' "GridEX" & "EditBox" and Infragistics' "UltraTextEditor".

The product comes with source code demos in C# and VB.NET for;

  • TXTextControl - as you type and dialog checking (view Help article)
  • Infragistics - UltraTextEditor (as you type and dialog checking) and UltraGrid (as you type checking) controls
  • Janus - EditBox (as you type and dialog checking) and GridEx (as you type checking) controls
  • DevExpress - XtraGrid (as you type checking) view KB article and MemoExEdit (as you type and dialog checking) view KB article.

Knowledge Base articles are available for;

Other controls are usually supportable through the ISpellCheckableTextComponent interface which allows the dialog checker to work with them.


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