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RapidSpell Desktop .NET


What is RapidSpell?

A .NET software component that provides spell checking services.

Can I customize the dictionary?

Yes, using Dict Manager which comes with RapidSpell.

Can I load the user dictionary from a database?

Yes, just ask for an example.

I'd like RapidSpell more if ...., will you change it?

RapidSpell has been heavily driven by customer requirements, if there's something you'd like, just let us know and we may put it in to the next release.

How easy is it to integrate RapidSpell with my application?

RapidSpell comes as 2 dll files and instructions on how to make your application aware of the assembly, once this is done you have integrated RapidSpell, it should only take a minute or two.

If I get stuck, will you help?

Yes, you are entitled to free email support, Keyoti is aimed at pleasing it's customers.

Can the GUI be customized?

Yes, this is one of RapidSpell's strengths, the GUI is easily extensible and the user's guide provides instructions and examples for overriding the layout method in the GUI.

Do I need to pay royalties or any other kind of fees when distributing my product with RapidSpell?

No, once you have purchased a license you may distribute it in your product at no additional charge.

Can I customize the user dictionary prior to distributing RapidSpell in my product?

Certainly, the user dictionary is a simple text file containing user's words on separate lines, since you must point to the user dictionary file when you use RapidSpell you can use your own text file.

Will RapidSpell work on web servers?

Take a look at RapidSpell Web ASP.NET

How can the user manually correct their error?

RapidSpell allows the user to either modify the text in the GUI or edit the text in the text component being edited in your application.

Can we get the source?

Yes, please see the licensing page.

I am a beginner programmer, will I be able to use RapidSpell?

Absolutely, the user's guide offers many code examples to help you and you can even use RapidSpell with only two lines of code!


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