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Using the Dict Manager tool

RapidSpell Desktop .NET


Dict Manager

Windows GUI

Dict Manager is a free tool provided by Keyoti for the manipulation of RapidSpell Dict (dictionary) files. This tool can be used to create and modify Dict files, making it easy for developers to create new or custom word lists.


If you would like to use Dict Manager's simple API to programatically modify Dict files then please reference the Dict Manager EXE from your project (EXE's can be referenced as well as DLL's, when you browse for the assembly, just change the file type to *.exe in the open dialog).

The DictManagerModel class is used to manage dict files programmatically. Usage is fairly simple;

  • CreateDict
  • LoadDict
  • AddWord
  • MergeDictFile
  • MergeTextFile
  • RemoveWord
  • LookUp
  • SaveDict
  • - Creates a new dict file
  • - Loads an existing dict file
  • - Adds a word to current open dict file
  • - Merges an existing dict file with the open dict file
  • - Merges an existing text file with the open dict file
  • - Removes a word from the dict file
  • - Checks if a word is in the dict file
  • - Saves the currently open dict file

Typical usages should be in the following order;

  • create or load
  • modifying operations
  • save

General Usage

To customize a Dict file click on the "Open" button, this will show a file dialog with a *.dict filter. Choose the Dict file to customize and click OK. This loads the Dict file and the main text box shows the details of the dictionary.

If you attempt to open a file from a location that Dict Manager does not have permission to write to, you'll receive a 'read only' warning - please restart Dict Manager with Admin privilege.

New Dict files can be created using File->New.

Words can be added or removed one at a time to a Dict file through the lower text field. Words can also be added by merging *.txt or *.dict files, to do this drag and drop the file with the word list on to the main text box.

Saving Dict files requires some processing which may take a few minutes, depending on it's size and disorder.

Dict Files

Dict files are *.dict files that contain the main dictionary used by RapidSpell (Web & Desktop editions). They are in a proprietary format that optimizes the speed of RapidSpell. RapidSpell allows developers to switch between Dict files at run time.

Files with ".2.dict" in their names were originally compressed and Dict Manager will recompress when saving.

Adding/Removing Words

The lower text field allows words to be added/removed, words should not contain spaces.

To add/remove a word, enter the word in the text field and click "Add" or "Remove". An error will be reported if an attempt to remove a word that is not in the dictionary is made.

The "Look Up" button can be used to report if a word is in the dictionary.

Any duplication of words occuring from adding will be removed when the Dict is saved.

Merging Dict File

Dict files can be merged with other Dict files or with simple text files. To merge a text file or Dict file, drag it on to the main text field, this will take all words from the file dropped and add them to the open Dict file. "Tools->Add Words From File" opens a file dialog, and has the same effect as dragging and dropping.

Simple text files can be of Plain Text, UTF-8 or Unicode encoding and must contain one word per line, eg;


Any duplication of words occuring from merging will be removed when the Dict is saved.

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